Here you will find the FAQ – frequently asked questions and answers regarding the use of the LANGIE electronic translator. For other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Is it necessary to use an ONLINE connection for device functionality?
It is not necessary (for the 13 world languages you have chosen), translation works in offline mode as well, but we DO NOT RECOMMEND it if you want to have the most accurate translation possible and you want to communicate without any problems.

Any OFFLINE translation mode on all translators contains only limited vocabulary (basic only), and translation is often inaccurate or incomprehensible. ONLINE mode after connecting to the WiFi or 3G SIM card ensures constant updating and correction of the translation, the database is several times larger than the offline translation.


2. Does the internet connection quality have impact on the speed and reliability of the translation?
Definitely yes, and in this case WE RECOMMEND to use the creation of a mobile internet 3G HOT SPOT (access point from your mobile) via which you will connect LANGIE or use 3G LANGIE GLOBAL SIM card. It is not good to use a local WiFi network to connect because the connection is often unstable and may take a long time of translation.


3. How do I secure internet connection of LANGIE when I travel abroad?
Ideal via the 3G internet mobile access point (HOT SPOT) that you will have with you everywhere. If you live in  Europe Union so within the EU, you can use mobile data free of charge (as part of your prepaid package), so if you travel to countries outside the EU, we recommend buying a 3G LANGIE mobile SIM CARD to be able to use LANGIE translator everywhere.


4. How long does LANGIE translate the message or word?
The translation is very fast and fluent, usually 1-2 seconds after the recording is complete. However, this depends on the quality of internet access.


5. Are there any additional charges for using the device?
Device operation no longer requires any additional charges, and firmware updates are lifetime free of charge.


6. Do I have to install a application on my phone to use the device?
There is no need to install any application on your phone. The device works completely independently.


7. Do I need to register and enter my personal data for the use of the translator?
No customer’s personal information or registration are required to use the device.


8. Does the device recognize the English language correctly? Can I verify whether the recorded message is correct?
Yes the device works very well with the English language. You can check the correctness of the recorded messages on the LCD where the text of translations is displayed.


9. Will the list of languages for LANGIE translation be increased in the future?
Certainly, in the future, the number of supported languages for translation will increase.


10. Will I manage the handle of device even if I am a technical antitalent? 
Of course, the device is designed for everybody to handle the operation with the device, even the technical antitalent.


If you have not found the answer to your question, please ask us directly in the section: FORUM

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