Do you like to travel, but you have a problem to communicate?

Holiday, traveling, business trip or business meeting abroad… It’s always a change and excitement from traveling, from something new. Then we absorb thousands of information around us, we have a mission, we want to stay informed, to have an overview and also be cool and enjoy and, of course, we need to be well oriented in the new environment… And then, as first we need to communicate with people all over the the world wherever we are!


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google azet prekladac

Do you think Google translator is the best translator?

We have for you more than a good alternative, a LANGIE pocket voice translator online/offline in 52 languages for the best two-way translation of sentences on the world with direct recorded voice sound translation, thanks to which you will never have a problem to communicate everywhere in the world.

It is intended for everyone, whether children or older people,who will appreciate easy using.  Langie voice translator (electronic translator) support English language, and all this in the form of sound, and indeed with the INCREDIBLE ACCURACY OF TRANSLATION! This translator does not use google or azet services, but has its own servers (thanks to which the translation is not robotic but with the real accent of language.

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prekladac textu langie

We remove language barriers – Electronic LANGIE translator

I’ll give you 52 languages into your pocket… Really 52 languages? It would be great if something like that could be realized, but that is impossible…

What would you say if someone claims to be able to ensure and deliver up to 52 languages into your pocket? That it’s a utopia? Because there is no one in the world who speaks up to 52 languages.

And really exists! Actually it is not SOMEONE but SOMETHING…

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